ornament wreath

I found this wreath on line and some other ideas thought you might like it .

Looks pretty easy and you could get wild with it if you try.

    • Colorful Christmas
    • Turn miscellaneous ornaments into a dazzling Christmas wreath. Spray-paint a foam wreath form with silver paint and let dry. Then, using hot glue, secure the largest ball ornaments to the inside and outside circles of the form, and fill in the rest of the wreath with smaller ornaments. Fill in bare spots with bunched up lengths of bead garland.Editor’s Note: We started with a 24-inch wreath form and needed about 140 ornaments to cover it. The finished wreath was 33 inches in diameter.
    •  A Grand Entry
    •  Ornaments not only dazzle on the tree, but can also add Christmas cheer to other places throughout your home, such as your staircase. Knot a length of thin ribbon around an ornament hook and wrap the end other end of the ribbon around your banister, securing with a knot. Let ornaments hang down at different lengths for a variegated display. Consider topping an entryway table with a small tree.
    • Ornament Garland
    •  This elegant ornament garland starts with a humble brass bicycle chain (available at hardware stores). Tack the chain into place (atop a cabinet, above a door way, or on a mantel) using brads. Attach ornaments to the chain with wire ornament hooks and add sprigs of holly, secured with floral wire.
    • Ornamental Tower
    •  Draw attention to your holiday table with a tower of ornaments. Stack ornaments in the bowl of a footed compote, securing in place with glue dots. Tuck sprigs of greenery in among the ornaments to fill in gaps. We used red ornaments to give the tablescape a classic Christmas look, but any color would work well, especially if it matches the rest of your table decor. To continue the ornament decoration theme, add assorted candlesticks to your table and top with ornaments that match your centerpiece.
    •  Holiday Welcome
    • Greet guests with an eye-catching arrangement, displayed in your entry or foyer. Place wet florist’s foam into a vase with tall, straight sides. Wrap together three or more amaryllis stems with a ribbon. Insert the arrangement into the foam and surround the base with white carnations or baby roses. Thread string through ornament hangers and tie the lines of ornaments, layer by layer, around the vase, hot-gluing in place to secure.For a quick centerpiece, arrange ornaments in a square vase. Tie a bow around the vase and display on a silver tray, blanketed with artificial snow and a few extra ornaments. Coordinate the color of the ornaments with your table and holiday deco


Christmas Baskets

Scan_Pic0009 (474x800)

I found another great but simple basket for you to make. It only has 3 pieces to it and it just looks so festive,

I found this in Better Homes and Gardens December issue , it just has Pussy Willow, Low-bush Blueberry branches and White Fur branches.

take a basket your choice, line the basket with thick plastic to make it water proof, put in the wet foam

Than arrange the White Fur in first all around, than add the branches and Pussy Willow, and wala you are done !

Add a bow and you are all set  looks very festive and smells great. just add a little water every day to keep moist.

Again MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all.

Christmas Wreaths

https://www.pinterest.com this is a great place to get ideas. but making a Christmas door ornament is really easy.

Just take a wreath or swag add some small bulbs (glue gun works great) a few pine cones some sparkle and a bow which you can already find made cheap enough, and what ever you want to add, a small bird, some flowers like pointsetters, and wala your done now just add some wire to the back and you have a door decoration.

You can even get those little lights that run on batterys ,i think they can be found at Dollar Tree, and add then. Just experiment and see you might have fun! Get the kids to make small ones that they could put on the windows, make it a family night. Those are the memories you will cherish in later years.

Well I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!          Pat